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True life adventures of my real true life.

Dead Skunk x 2

Here’s two different angles on the same performance from MarsCon. Enjoy.

This kills me.

To me, this is why the internet was invented. I only WISH i’d come up with this.
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One of the best days ever…

This post…..

So, my anti-drinking post yesterday has garnered more comments than any post I’ve ever made which is sad. Especially when you consider the brilliance that is THIS POST. Oh well.

I figured I’d take a moment to respond to a few things…

1. That was not a rant. That’s how I feel and felt for a MIGHTY long time. I was simply putting it all down on paper.

2. What I loved about posting it was the number of folks here (and on MySpace where I also posted it) who agreed with my 100%. Nothing like knowing you’re not alone.

3. I knew the reaction to it would not all be 100% agreeable. Fine. Welcome to the United States. Freedom Of Speech is one of the FEW RIGHTS we have left! To respond to a few of the comments…

I sure did enjoy unclelumpy‘s thoughts on the matter. I also liked that he posted twice before and deleted both posts before putting up the one that’s there now. It was fun to watch the evolution of his thoughts. In my post I said, ” If they want to drink, let them, as long as they leave me alone. If they want to drink and they don’t bother me or smash into my car, I’m fine.” So as long as a drunken unclelumpy doesn’t come stumbling up and puke all over me, I’m fine with sitting back with a video camera and watching your drunken antics (then selling the tapes later on eBay). But seriously, welcome to the journal.

I agree with savrille that it’s not necessarily the alcohol, but the personal responsibility that is the problem. True. You have to admit though that the alcohol helps. A little anyway. Right?

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and monkeys do too (if they have a gun).” – Eddie Izzard

But seriously, my favorite thing when I bring up my feelings on this topic (either online or in real life) is the people who IMMEDIATELY say, “Oh well I drink, I just don’t drink THAT much.” I find this fascinating. I wasn’t accusing you of drinking too much. I was simply stating my feelings on people who do. Little guilt there?

unclelumpy and savrille both implied that my post was rather “sanctimonious” and “holier than thou”. To that I say, welcome to my journal. I think if there’s any place I have the right to be holier than thou and sanctimonious it’s in my own journal! I understand that both of you probably arrived here via lukeski‘s journal and I welcome you. Take a gander back through my past entries. I’m sure you will find no end to the number of sanctimonious and holier than thou comments. You will also find several places where I call myself an ass. Which I am. It all just makes me THAT much more lovable.

So anyway, thanks for the comments, the feelings, the outbursts, the few hours of your time it took to read that post. Maybe I should do one like that on people who believe in god. Nah. I’ll wait awhile. 🙂