A page of quotes that I find inspirational.

“The right people will get this.” – Joel Hodgson (creator of Mystery Science Theatre 3000)

“We aim at neither adults or children. Our goal is to achieve the ultimate in comedy, including subtleties which escape the youngsters but which evoke response from adults.” – Jay Ward (creator of Rocky & Bullwinkle)

“…the commercial world of show business is kind of an awful thing and I like art much better.”
Joel Hodgson

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” – Bill Cosby

“Hodgson’s biggest piece of advice for aspiring creative minds was always do the work that excites you, and to write down every idea that comes to you.

“The secret is to never say no,” Hodgson said. “Never once say, ‘that’s not a good idea.’” – Joel Hodgson

Al Swearengen (NSFW)