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100 Word Wednesdays – Outrage!

Here’s another 100 word story based on an item from the police blotter in my hometown of Burlingame, CA.

by Grant Baciocco

“You have overcharged me, sir. Your sign states four dollars and thirty one cents!”

“No, I’m sorry, it says four dollars and thirty seven cents.”

Preston adjusted his monocle and looked again at the sign. He huffed. “My good man, that is clearly a one.”

The shopkeeper turned and regarded the sign. He removed his glove and pointed to the final digit in the price. “That…is a seven.”

“It’s a one! A one with a flourish.”

“Yes. That flourish makes it a seven.”

Preston made for the door and turned before exiting, “I shall have restitution in this matter!”

From the December 19, 2012 Police Blotter for Burlingame in the San Jose Mercury News

1400 block of Broadway, noon Monday A man reported being overcharged for a cigar.

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100 Word Wednesdays #001

I’ve always loved the fun of writing 100 word stories.  I have a few posted in the archives here but since in 2013 I want to focus on trying to accomplish more writing, I figured I’d pose a little challenge for myself.

One 100 word story every Wednesday.  Posted here, for you to read.

The first is below.

Some backstory…

I have a Google News alert set up for my hometown of Burlingame, CA.  Not much happens there that shoots any major news my way, but every so often I get the fantastic ‘police blotter’ sent my way.  As with most police blotter columns from smaller towns, the ‘crimes’ are usually very hilarious and I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be funny to write a bit of the backstory behind some of these major offenses?”  And thus was born the idea of ‘Police Blotter Stories’ which today’s 100 word story is an example of.

Not all 100 word Wednesdays will be Police Blotter related but some will.  When they are, I’ll try topost a link to the police blotter item so you can read it for yourself.

And now, the first 100 word Wednesday….

She Wanted In
By Grant Baciocco

She had just wanted in, that’s all.  Perhaps a little dinner as well.  Was that all too much to ask?  No, she didn’t think so.  But after five whole minutes of asking politely at the back door and five more minutes of politely knocking at the side window, she was done with being polite.  She was done with seeing him sitting in there ignoring her.

As she sat staring down at the hood of his car, she smiled.  He would stop watching television.  He would open the door.  He would feed her.  With the grace of a gymnast, she leapt.

Now, of course, I couldn’t find the exact link to this story but it was something like:

On June 23, a car alarm was going off on the 800 Block of Carmelita.  It was believed to have been set off by a cat.

Yes, that’s the kind of ‘crime’ that happens in Burlingame.

See you next Wednesday.