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100 Word Wednesdays – Negotiations

Another 100 word story based off an item in the police blotter of my hometown, Burlingame, CA.

By Grant Baciocco

Things were tense.  Megan stared across the table at them and they stared back.  The mediator tapped his pen on his large yellow legal pad.

Megan sighed.

One of the three sitting across from here leaned over towards the mediator and whispered in his ear.  The mediator nodded and then turned to Megan.

“They would just like the opportunity to feel as if they are part of the family, that is all they are asking for, Megan,” he said.

Megan regarded the three sets of black eyes staring back at her.  She smiled.  “Fine.  I will agree to their terms.”

1200 block of Paloma Avenue, 2:01 p.m. Friday A resident whose dogs were barking agreed to let them inside more often.

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100 Word Wednesdays – Police Blotter Stories – Safe

Another Wednesday, another 100 word story inspired by a Police Blotter item in my hometown.

By Grant Baciocco

They had been traveling for days, unable to rest.  She’d done her very best to keep her spirits high in front of her kids, but she was nearing the very end of her rope.  A friend had told her about a vacancy in a home covered in ivy and finally at about 9:50pm at night, she and her kids had arrived.

She had done her best to keep the kids quiet, but they were excited and their cries of joy roused the dogs in the yards on either side of them.  They’d finally quieted down when the flashlights arrived.

1400 block of Bernal Avenue, 10 p.m. Tuesday Responding to a report of suspicious sounds on the side of a house, which alarmed the resident as well as dogs in the neighborhood, police located a mother raccoon and her little ones nestled in the ivy.

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100 Word Wednesdays – Police Blotter Stories – Enough

Another 100 word story based on an item in the police blotter of my hometown of Burlingame, CA.

By Grant Baciocco

Paul had lived in the apartment below Professor Perkins for six months.  It had been a long six months.  Professor Perkins fancied himself an evil scientist and was always testing out inventions on poor Peter.  Peter would have complained but for the most part, Professor Perkins’ inventions were never really too evil.

The doormat that turned to shaving cream when stepped on.  The giant, but only slightly powerful, magnet that caused all the metal in Peter’s apartment to hover three feet of the ground.  These were simply annoying.

His latest invention though, the Bed-Bumper-Outer, was the last straw.

Cananea Place, 1:43 p.m. Friday A man repeatedly knocked out of bed by someone he said was armed with a microwave energy weapon asked to speak with an officer.

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