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100 Word Stories – Police Blotter Story – Outrage!

Another 100 word story based on an item from the police blotter of my hometown of Burlingame, CA.  Link follows the story.

By Grant Baciocco

“Well that is just absolutely insane.” Fumed Robert.  “What were you doing when they pulled you over?”

“I wasn’t doing anything.  The speed limit was 35, I was doing 30!” Roberta answered.  “I know for a fact that I was going that fast because I looked at the speedometer when he flipped on the lights!”

Robert shook his head.  “Well, I just don’t understand it.  A $250 ticket for nothing!”  Robert paced, wringing his hands together.  The wooden floor echoing each step.  “I know what I’ll do!  I’m going to meet with that officer! Get to the bottom of this!”

1100 block of Trousdale Drive, 5:49 p.m. Tuesday A resident asked to meet with an officer. He said his wife had been issued a ticket. An officer responded and advised him that his wife needed a license to legally drive.

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100 Word Wednesdays – Negotiations

Another 100 word story based off an item in the police blotter of my hometown, Burlingame, CA.

By Grant Baciocco

Things were tense.  Megan stared across the table at them and they stared back.  The mediator tapped his pen on his large yellow legal pad.

Megan sighed.

One of the three sitting across from here leaned over towards the mediator and whispered in his ear.  The mediator nodded and then turned to Megan.

“They would just like the opportunity to feel as if they are part of the family, that is all they are asking for, Megan,” he said.

Megan regarded the three sets of black eyes staring back at her.  She smiled.  “Fine.  I will agree to their terms.”

1200 block of Paloma Avenue, 2:01 p.m. Friday A resident whose dogs were barking agreed to let them inside more often.

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