100 Word Wednesdays – The Staring Contest

Time for another 100 Word Story based on an item from the police blotter from my hometown of Burlingame, CA.

The Staring Contest
By Grant Baciocco

Mrs. Clark stood on her front porch motionless, staring towards her front door.  She’d stopped searching for her keys in her purse when she’d realized she was being watched.  Now, frozen, she had locked eyes with her onlooker.  He cooly stared back.

“How long have I been unaware that this was like this?”  she thought to herself.  She’d no way of knowing.  His gaze upon her was unflinching as her’s upon him now was.  After five minutes of staring she concluded they they couldn’t be real.  But how did they get there?  The ping pong eyes in her Christmas wreath.

Monday, November 26

7:41 a.m. A resident on the 2800 block of Easton Drive reported her christmas wreath had been vandalized.

Also this was partially based on something I did to my mother’s Christmas wreath back in 2009.



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