Create, Rebuild, Live in 2013

Create.  Rebuild.  LiveIn the book Amazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman, he brings up the 3 Words Exercise. I’m paraphrasing here but it’s a process where you write down your goals for the new year and begin grouping them into different categories and see if themes emerge. The three that emerge most become your ‘3 Words’ for the year. Over the past two weeks I’ve been working through this exercise and have chosen my three words.

Create. This is one that didn’t need much thought and I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that every year I do this exercise, this will probably be the word that leads off the list. Despite the challenges that come up in my life, I can never NOT be coming up with some idea to work on and put out there in the universe. Podcast, videos, music, etc., I just MUST create. I have a few ideas for projects for 2013, looking at a, hopeful, April launch date for some of them. I have some challenges coming up in the next few weeks that may derail these a bit (ex. Finding A Job), but rest assured (self), I will be creating in 2013! Heck, I created the whole Uncle Interloper Tout thing while I had a broken arm so it can be done! Choosing this as one of my words will focus me into take whatever free time I have to create. Creating is my hobby. I cannot live without it.

Rebuild. This one has two different meanings for me, both outward and inward. Outward, I want to try and rebuild (or come to peace with) relationships with a few people. 2012 was a roller coaster of a ride in this department and I’m long overdue in making things smooth out for a bit. This is something I started working on in earnest in the final quarter of 2012, but this work MUST continue into 2013. Hoping that by making this word a focus word it will keep me on track. This area is one that ‘takes two to tango’ though, so my goal is to do my best in rebuilding things on my side and if the other person is not as amiable, I will rest in the knowledge that I tried.

Inward, I would like to rebuild the way I think about certain things. Several times during 2012 my brain let things get very dark. This was most prevalent during the time when I was dealing with the broken arm, but it began rearing it’s ugly head in the months before that (part of the reason I deactivated my personal Facebook account). 2012 saw a huge influx of professional jealousy. Just pure, green-eyed jealously when listening to news of peers successes. I want to focus on beating this back in 2013, shrugging it off. Ignoring. Rebuilding my thinking towards it. Or like Lolly Lardpop says in her show Wake Up Your Weird!, “I need to rethink my thinking.”

Finally in the Rebuild category is rebuilding my relationship with my body. Get back to the goal weight. Not use food to solve problems. This one is already on track in 2013 too, so so far so good.

Live. Finally on the list is the live. Now, before any rumors start let me assure you that I am very much alive. What I mean by ‘Live’ is to start living the life I want, not the life that other think I should be living. Yes, seems stupid for a 38 year old to type that sentence out, but this past year there was a lot frustrations in not being able to live my life how I felt I should. This is both professional and personal. And the blame for me NOT living the life I want resides 100% with me. That’s why in 2013, my final focus word is Live.

Professionally, I work in an industry where there are a lot of ‘gatekeepers,’ as Chris Guillebeau calls them. In 2013, I plan to find ways around them and begin to Live the way I want to professionally. And make a living from it. This thinking has already paid off so far, just this second week of 2013, so I’m on track.

On the drive home from my gig on New Year’s I had the windows down and the song A Talk With George by Jonathan Coulton on repeat. The last verse, especially, really hit home and, I hope, will encapsulate the ‘Live’ theme for me in 2013.

Well…except for the cocktail line. 🙂

So enjoy yourself, do the things that matter
Cause there isn’t time and space to do it all
Love the things you try, drink a cocktail, wear a tie
Show a little grace if you should fall

Don’t live another day unless you make it count
There’s someone else that you’re supposed to be
Something deep inside of you that still wants out
And shame on you if you don’t set it free


There you have it.

Create. Rebuild. Live.

My 3 Words for 2013.

Now…to shut up and do it.

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  1. Three great words and thank you for sharing them. I think putting them out there is a CORE part of this exercise and it sounds like you’ve got plenty to keep you busy for the year.

    Best of luck on all of them!!

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