For Christmas I received several books that had been on my wish list.  One was The Art Of Non Conformity by Chris Guillebeau.  The other is Amazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman.  C.C. is a friend from the early days of Podcasting (back when there were only 300 podcasts) and so I wanted to pick up his book to support him.  Chris’ book is a book I stumbled across when I saw mention of his SECOND book The $100 Startup.

Both books deal with creating and living the life you want to live, outside of what others THINK you should be doing.  You’d think both would sell very well this time of year, what with it being the first of the year, but I had them on my wish list for awhile and received them both at Christmas.

They are pretty perfect for this time of year though because both suggest a similar exercises for this time of year.  In CC’s book it’s the 3 Words Exercise.  In Chris’ book it’s doing an Annual Review.  I love both ideas and so I’m going to give them a shot, albeit a week late.  This year I have grown increasingly tired of how the entertainment industry works.  Frustrated, both of the above books were a much needed kick in the pants to try and redefine what I’m doing, what I’m trying to accomplish and what I’d like my perfect life to be.

I promise to share both my review and goals for 2013 here with you.  I won’t be sharing absolutely EVERYTHING as I believe some stuff should be personal, but I will share a lot of stuff.  Stuff I hope you will be my personal cheerleaders for as I try to accomplish them.  Plus, I just think you all will look amazingly attractive wearing the short skirts and holding pom poms.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming”

    1. Both books are great! Reading them back to back MAY have been a mistake as I’m now TOO fired up. Gotta throttle back a bit and lay out some plans. Definitely worth the read! Thanks for the support, as always!

  1. Very cool to have you pop up on my radar. It seems like forever since we last talked and now I’ve got to read up on what YOU’VE been up to!

    Chris’ book is a very inspiring one and his World Domination Summit takes the ideas of the book and turns it into a week of inspiration. If you ever have a chance to go I highly suggest it.

    Hope you enjoyed my book. It has been very interesting seeing people react to it. I’m proud of it and since it is so personal, it means a lot that people like you appreciate it.

    Best of luck going through the exercises!

    1. C.C., your book is great. As I said in a tweet to you, it was my Mom who purchased it for me and she said it looked so interesting she picked up two copies, one for me and one for her. Reading both books has me super fired up and ready to kick rear. I’m almost too fired up and have to throttle back to make sure the plans are in place before jumping.

      Looking forward to revealing my three words and annual review soon!

      Thanks again!

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