Wednesday Words – 100 Word Police Blotter Story – Dear Sir

Here’s another 100 word story based on a police blotter item from Burlingame, CA.  My quaint hometown.

Dear Sir
By Grant Baciocco

Dear Sir,

We have recently been made aware of your actions last Friday as it relates to Ms. Adams.  We understand that Ms. Adams did bump into you causing you to roll out into oncoming traffic.  We have been advised that she apologized for this and we do believe she is truly sorry.

While we understand that this situation made you quite frustrated, we feel that your actions in retaliation were not appropriate.  We would like to strongly suggest that you modify your behavior in the future if you wish to continue visiting our city.


The Burlingame City Council

1800 block of El Camino Real, 10:12 p.m. Friday A man in a wheelchair who swore at a woman was encouraged to quit his rude behavior.

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