Wednesday Words – The Job Part 1

This will be a multi-part story.  Here’s the first.  The second will follow next Wednesday.

The Job
By Grant Baciocco

Patrick had not been in the habit of answering CraigsList ads, but times had been tough.  He had been unable to find a job through all the regular means, networking, Linkedin,, etc..  So he’d begun trolling CraigsList.  He ignored the ads for telemarketers, no matter how bad things got, he couldn’t do that.  He also eschewed the ads for medical testing.  Another thing he could not do.  He sent resumes to local gluten free markets, martial arts studios and swimming pools looking for instructors, never once even receiving a ‘thank you for applying’ note in return.  Yet, every morning and evening he returned to the bleak, black and white pages looking for something.  It was a balmy Thursday morning when he saw a peculiar headline:

Opening for someone looking to change their life permanently. Start immediately, no experience needed. (Burbank, CA) (biotech/science)

Instantly thinking it was a pitch for another telemarketing job or pyramid scheme he was about to pass it up until he noticed the biotech/science classification.  He clicked through to the body of the add.

Currently seeking a fit, able bodied person to assist in a groundbreaking scientific experiment.  This is NOT a medical testing job, this is assisting in a technical science experiment that will have real world impact if successful.  Candidates need no experience in any scientific field, they must be determined and dedicated to helping advance the field and have a desire to make a permanent, positive change to their life, as well as the lives of others.  Please reply with contact info in order to set up an interview.  Looking to fill this position immediately.

Patrick thought long and hard before hitting reply, but then figured he had nothing else to loose.  He wrote a brief cover letter and attached his current resume and hit send.  Frustrated at the prospect of no work he began to get dressed to go out for a run.  He had promised himself that he would keep in shape physicall, even if the job search was wearing him down mentally.

His shoes laced, he picked up his phone to select his playlist for his run and as he did it buzzed in his hands.  It was a text from a number he didn’t recognize.

Received your email expressing interest in the scientific assistant job.  Can you meet today?

Patrick was a bit taken aback.  That was quick.  He replied back that he could, indeed, meet today.  Then waited for the reply.  No sense in heading out for a run if they wanted to meet him about the job.  His phone buzzed again.

Can you meet at 4115 Hood Ave, Unit A in one hour?

Patrick thought for a moment.  Hood was over by the studios.  He could get dressed and then make it out there in an hour, no problem.  He replied back in the affirmative.  He set down his phone and walked to the bedroom and over to his closet, kicking off his running shoes as he did.  He took out a dress shirt and picked out a tie that matched.  He laid them on his bed.  Out in the living room he heard his phone buzz.  He went out and picked it up.

Great.  See you then.

To be continued…

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