Creative Goals for week of 8/19

Trying something new here.  In order to remain focused on what I need to get down in my creative endeavors during the week, every Monday, I am going to post here about what I accomplished creatively throughout the week and then lay ot m lans for t next week. I am hoping that this public posting will keep me organize my plan of attack for the week and also hold me sort of accountable because I’ll have to reflect on what I did and didn’t accomplish in the week before.

Because some of the projects I’m working on haven’t been released or announced yet, I may not fully explain what they are or use their full titles.  Not that I’m a major motion picture studio and have to keep things under wraps, but there are sometimes when I want the thing to be a secret until it’s released.

Since I didn’t have plans laid out for last week, I’ll forego listing what I did simply because it does not matter.  For this inaugural edition I’ll just lay out what I hope to accomplish before next Sunday evening.


Receive final music cues need to finish episode 101.

Make final decision on ‘toy’ question, to include or not. YES!

Record my VO for #102

Begin initial edit on episode #102

Promote episode #101 (after release Saturday morning).

Lay out next ‘toy’ if continuing.

Send out promotional email to selects.

Try and schedule remaining VO.


Once EPISODE 101 of Deputy Guppy is final, create Saturday Morning Theatre episode around it.

Prep episode for release.

Check other scheduled releases to ensure they are ready for what’s scheduled on 8/24


Hat for 80’s project? – Not for #101

Sign for 80’s project – Fix Typo!!!

Fix SMM logo at end.

Iris the other way at the end.

Add copyright

Reshoot 80’s project #101No.  Just a reedit.

Make final edit of Cartoon Doghouse #102

– Reach out to other animators.

– More jokes?


Continue to write 500 words daily.  Included in this work on final RC script.

Post for Wednesday Words?


Monday – 2:30PM – Audition

Monday- 7PM – Nuts & Bolts Improv Class

Wednesday – 7PM – Character Class(?)

Saturday- Noon – Flappers Podcasting Class

Saturday – 4:30PM – 2 Milk

Sunday – 10AM – CWFH Taping

Okay, whew, that is a lot of stuff.  Check back next week and we’ll see how well I do.

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