Writing Fail

I didn’t write yesterday.  I’m a little upset with myself about it.  It’s not hard to put down at least 250 words (the minimum required to get points on the Magic Spreadsheet) but I couldn’t even bring myself to do that.  So I broke a

I will say, overall, I’ve written over 137,900 words for the year so far which, I believe having kept no records, is the most I’ve ever written.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s not bad at all.  But I’m still disappointed in myself for not at least putting down 250 words.

Yesterday was a super long day of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV Tapings in Port Hueneme, CA.  It’s about an hour from here and it ran a little longer than usual.  After getting dinner on the way home and getting back to my place around 10PM.  The tapings were fun, but I had a small gaffe during them that I’m probably being way too hard on myself than I need to be.  It was small but it’ll air and it’s frustrating to me because it’s something I shouldn’t have done.  That along with some personal issues and a physical issue I’m going through right now (everything’s fine), I just didn’t feel like writing at all.  So I didn’t.

This morning I woke up with huge regrets for not doing so.  Until yesterday I had written 58 days straight.  A nice chain built up after I broke the over 150 day chain I’d built since February.  Again, I think I really just need to look at the big picture on all this.  I’ve written close to 138,000 words this year.  That’s HUGE!  Using the Magic Spreadsheet to help motivate me has worked incredibly well.

So, here’s to starting a new chain!  Now if they could only make a Magic Spreadsheet for eating right and exercising!

If you want to check out the Magic Spreadsheet and find out more about it, the best way is to check out this post by Mur Laffertyhttp://murverse.com/at-long-last-the-magic-spreadsheet/

Oh, and pick up Mur’s book The Shambling Guide To New York City.  It’s fantastic!

2 thoughts on “Writing Fail”

  1. You are right. In the overall picture you are doing great! It’s like dieting (or changing your eating habits which is better). You have an off day and the next you just go back.

    1. I agree Julie. It’s just hard not to be critical after slipping. And speaking of dieting, I really need to apply this to my health! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

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