10 in 20 – Day 14 – My scale is trying to kill me

Okay, so the scale I weigh myself on is a digital scale.  One day I actually read the bottom of it and it says to get a proper weight you stand on it, disregard that reading, step off then stand on it again and use the second reading.  So my daily ritual is to do just that.

If you’ve been keeping up with these blogs (and really, why would you?) you’ll know that for the past several days the scale has read 171.0LBS.  One time before with this scale I’ve noticed that it’ll sort of get stuck on one weight for a long time, even if you get on it different days.  Weird, but it does.  SO I popped the battery our of the scale, put it back in and went through the step on, step off process again.

170.0 LBS

I stepped on and off several times and still 170.0LBS, so that’s my new weight.  Thanks a LOT scale!  Thanks a whole heck of a LOT! Making me crazy thinking my super hard work wasn’t paying off at all.  I think I may need a new scale.  Anyway, I was excited that it seems we’ve moved past 171.0LBS.  Of course if I step on it tomorrow and it it read 171lbs, you may just read about a violent man on scale crime.

Today was an interesting day food wise.  I had a morning meeting about a possible puppet gig and couldn’t eat before it.  Then I got back to my office after and just wasn’t hungry.  I didn’t feel good and the pressure of getting all the things I need to get done finished was stressing me a little so I wasn’t that hungry.  Eventually I went and got a Chop Stop Salad and as I worked in the office I had one of my apples & grape slices, but that feeling stayed with me most of the rest of the day so I just didn’t eat anything else all day.  This is probably not the best for me, I know, but in my mind it’s better than before when I’d just go and pig out when feeling stressed.  Remaining focused.  I’ll be sure to eat more balanced tomorrow.

I did get my run in tonight, which was good.  So the activity is there.

Let’s get to the food, such as it was…



CHOP STOP BBQ Chicken Salad & Bottle of water – 12 WW Points
Just a great salad.  I love it.  I supposed someday I’ll go back to the Greek Chop, but the barbecue chicken in this one is just so good.


Apple Slices & Grapes – 1 WW Point
Not much to say here.

ACTIVITY – 30 MINS Running

That’s it for today.  As I said earlier, tomorrow I will really focus on eating right and not going hungry for so long.  Hopefully I don’t have that headache like I did when I started this adventure.  I don’t think I will.  I’m just not hungry and I believe if you aren’t hungry you should eat.  I believe that, it’s just hard to DO that most of the time.  Especially in high stress situations.

Goodnight all!

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