10 in 20 – Day 18 – Penultimate

Here we are at the end of the last day.  A day full of packing, stressing out about what was packed and what wasn’t packed and, oh yeah, a puppetry audition and a 30 minute kids show.  Not too much pressure.  Through it all I was really focused on eating right, as you will see below.  Still a half pound over on the scale this morning.  Good though.  Maintaining.  Current weight is 168.5lbs.

This one’s going to be a short one because I have much to much to pack.  Sorry about that.  Look for the final update tomorrow!  Now, on to the food.


Cup of Minestrone Soup, Granville Salad w/ Chicken.  No dressing – 17 WW Points
This is a bit of estimate going on here.  The salad game with Olives (which I LOVE, but aren’t free of points) and Feta Cheese (which I would have preferred they didn’t put on but it wasn’t on the menu).  The soup was fantastic.  A good meal and very lovely company, too.


Apple slices – 1 WW Point
Dinner.  Apple slices.  Yum.

ACTIVITY – 30 Mins Running

See you tomorrow for the final day!  Final post may not come until later because of travel, but I hope to write it out o the plan on the way to Toronto.

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