Puppet Up Toronto Tour Diary – Day 7 – Two Shows In One

Those morning I was up late because, again, I couldn’t sleep. Just not really adjusting the time change. I rousted Brian at about noon and told him to meet me in the lobby to go to lunch at 1PM.

Today we had two shows, a 4PM matinee and an 8PM show which meant we had to be at the theatre by 3PM. Brian and I struck out at 1PM for a place called The Stockyards. It came up in a search for barbecue joints and was highly rated. We took a cab there because the place 3.5 Miles away (I know, I know I’m in Canada, I should figure out the kilometers). Not un walkable but in two hours….yeah, so cab it it was.


The place was really great although it’s not really a true barbecue joint. It’s more of a Southern American place and they have barbecue dishes. That being said, the food was fantastic and we knew we hit on someplace special because the place was packed full.


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