What Others Are Creating #005

Happy Friday friends.  Hope you all had a tremendously creative week.

I would say my week was decently creative.  Puppet Up! Uncensored classes started up again on Monday.  Our first classes back since the big Australia trip.  No big shows or tours planned anytime soon, but I’ll keep you posted.

But, enough about me!  These Fridays posts are about what OTHERS are creating, so let’s get to it.


Jayne Entwistle’s To Whom It May Concern – www.ReadYourLetter.com
Jayne Entwislte is a super talented friend of mine.  She’s been gracious enough to lend her voices to several of my podcast projects and there’s few things more fun than improvising with her on stage.  Last year she came up with the idea for a live show and podcast called To Whom It May Concern.  It’s a show where people read actual letters and responses that they have written and received.  The show runs the full range of emotions in one evening and is something everyone should experience.  The next live show is this Saturday night at 8PM in Los Angeles.  Info for the show can be found by CLICKING HERE.  If you don’t happen to live in the Los Angeles area, don’t be bummed!  You can listen to the podcast!  Find it in the iTunes Podcast Directory by CLICKING HERE.  And, if you’re the kind of person who wants to brave reading a letter at the show, you can submit to be part of it by CLICKING HERE.  However you choose to get invoked, attending, listening or submitting, I hope you’ll check Jayne’s show out!

Felix Pire’s Staged Reading – https://www.facebook.com/events/277662685738487
– Felix Pire is a a mad, creative dynamo.  He does it all: Acting, Directing, Writing, Puppeteering and more.  You may recognize him from the film 12 Monkeys where he had several scenes opposite that guy, what’s his name?  Oh yeah, BRAD PITT!  Anyway, Felix’s latest project is a staged reading of a screenplay he wrote called The Outrageously Homofunky Adventures of Sergio Menendez.  It’s happening on June 26 in Los Angeles, so if you’re in the area, go check it out.  I don’t know much about the script but I would assume it may be more for adults and it’ll be hilarious.  Make your plans now!  Info can be found at the Facebook Event page by CLICKING HERE.


Amanda Louise – www.AmandaLouise.com
– I was browsing the discover tab on my Instagram app and came across this unique little creatures with stars on their face.  I followed through to the profile and then to the website and discovered the art of Amanda Louise.  She makes these little mixed media creatures called Dust Bunnies and Pipsqueaks and, for some reason, I’m just completely taken with them.  They are, unfortunately a little too expensive for me to pick one up right now, but I certainly bookmark her site for the future.  Go take a look at her website and check out her art by CLICKING HERE.

Seán Cullen – Comedy Genius – I first heard of Seán Cullen as the lead singer of the, hilarious Corky & The Juice Pigs.  Their song REMember is one of the funniest comedy songs ever written.  Well, Seán is still making music and I was lucky enough to catch him a few times on the Barenaked Ladies cruises and then it was really great to perform on the same stage with him at the Melbourne Comedy Festival back in March.  This week I’ll leave you with a clip of Seån doing a set while in Australia. The way Seån mixes improv with his set material is just brilliant and absolutely mind boggling. I’ll never pass up a chance to see him live.  Visit his website by CLICKING HERE.

Little Bits from Past Posts

  • Christiana Ellis’ Space Casey is still running at her website.  Fun audio drama, check it out – http://www.SpaceCasey.com
  • Tabitha Grace Smith’s Sherlock Holmes inspired Kickstarter is still running – http://kck.st/Rer7GQ

And that brings us to the end of this week’s look at What Others Are Creating.  Got a creative project I should check out?  Either one you are working on or one that you find inspiring?  Please post a link in the comments below and I shall check it out.

Have a creative weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for another Creative Monday!

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