Creative Mondays #050 – A creative challenge.


So for today’s creativity post, I wanted to try a little something different.  I wanted to issue you a challenge.

I like to think that art brightens people’s lives.  Probably the clearest example of this is music.  There is nothing like playing that perfect song to lift your mood.  Think about how many movie montages use “Walking On Sunshine” By Katrina & The Waves.  So many in fact it has become almost cliche.  The point is, it’s very hard to listen to that song and not be happy.  The song itself illicit an almost instant response in people.  Yes, I understand you may not like that song, but it sure shows up in a lot of movies, TV shows and commercials to prove that for most people, it is an instant uplifting tune.

Other types of art can pick you up as well.  You favorite book, a great painting or sculpture, a well written joke or short story.  Heck, even though they aren’t technically art, I’ll even throw in a really well written meme.  A few minutes over at and you are bound to at least chuckle a little.  Even a little chuckle can help you feel better when the stress of everyday life is grinding down on you.

Not only is taking in a piece of art something that can make you feel good, creating a piece of art can make you feel good.  Getting lost in some colored pencils and paper, or digital drawing tool on an iPad or other tablet.  Or making a goofy little movie with your smartphone or joking down a short, whimsical 100 word story are a great way to blow off some steam and let the world drop away for a few minutes.

So this week, your challenge is to combine these to ‘feel good’ things into one little exercise.  This week, I want you to create something.  It doesn’t have to be big, not at all.  It can be a small origami sculpture.  Or a 100 word story.  A sketch.  A small painting.  A short song.  Whatever tools you have handy, use them and create something small.  Take a few days to get it how you want it, but don’t stress over it.  This isn’t the Mona Lisa or Great American Novel we’re shooting for.  Just something small and fun.

Once you have your piece of art completed, your assignment is, simply, to give it to someone.  Now, you can gift it to them anonymously if you like or you can just walk right up to the person and hand it to them.  That’s all up to you.  You can also gift the art to anyone you’d like.  Your mom, wife, sister or brother.  Whomever you choose.  Just probably not that ex that has a restraining order on you.  And by all means, you can create your art with that person in mind.

The goal with this is to create something that is going to brighten up someone else’s day.

And don’t let your inner critic get the best of you either.  You CAN create something small that will brighten up somebody’s day.  Trust me, it’s possible.

So, get to work and then report back in the comments below on what your created and what the reaction of the recipient was.



So tell us, what did you create?  Who did you give it to?  What was their reaction?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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