So…what next?

Well, Creative Mondays has come to an end.  Again, I thank you all for the support.  I think we’ve had some good discussion on the subject of creativity and we could have many, many more.  And we will.  The project itself, though, was only meant to last a year and I exceeded that, so it met it’s goal.  Now I’m looking forward to what to do next writing wise.

I’m still doing the audio, of course but I want to continue with my writing.  I still write at least 250 words a day.  Well, I try to.  On a recent puppet tour outing I got so sick, I let that fall by the wayside and broke the chain of days I had built up.  The chain has restarted and my goal is clock 100 days straight.  Of course, the goal is to blow past 100 days, but my last chain got over 50 days straight, so I want to hit 100.

Anyway…blah, blah, blah.  I want to write and I want to share that writing here, so I’m now wondering exactly what to share.  I have random short stories I can throw out on a regular basis.  I also could get back into the 100 word police blotter stories, I just haven’t had time to track down the blotters as of late.  Also, as a side note, the last time I did, the crimes were more on the serious side.  Not the wacky stuff it had been.  Sad.

Another idea would be to slowly publish one of my novellas.  For example, Time Skippers is a young adult novella I ave done but desperately need to edit.  So, I could go back through the manuscript, make the edits and then post a chapter a week (or every other week).  I think that might be fun because you guys could get a look at it (and you’d keep me on track if I don’t publish a chapter on schedule).

I have a comedic superhero book, The Cauldron of Hate, that I could do the above with as well.  That one isn’t finished though, so it wouldn’t be an working edit, it’d be a really rough draft.

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about.  Not sure which I should do, though I’m leaning towards Time Skippers, just to get it out and done.  Thoughts?  What would you like to read?

6 thoughts on “So…what next?”

    1. YES! I love the serial idea. That’s what I was thinking for Time Skippers or Cauldron of hate. Maybe even audio record them and release them as a podcast as well. Thanks!

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff you have cooking.
    I’d want to read all of it, of course. And I really enjoyed the Police Blotter stories you had.
    Whatever you do, I’m excited for it.

  2. Focus a bit more on marketing the things you love to do. You put a lot of work into your projects but have a small audience to appreciate them. Build your audience through consistent videos and blogs. Reach out to those bloggers and vloggers with a larger audience than you and cross promote. You have so much talent to share while well-known YouTubers are making money with inane meme videos. Get you some!

    1. Thanks Shelley. I appreciate it. I do plan to work more on that aspect of things. I must continue to write though, it’s a daily goal and I’d like to share some of that writing as well.

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