Three singles.

It has been a long time coming.  Soon, very soon, three brand new Throwing Toasters/Mr. Grant songs will be released.  It has been far too long.

My good friend, and funny musician, Carla Ulbrich was out in Los Angeles recently recording songs for her new CD (which you can pre-order HERE).  We were talking after one of her recording sessions and it really got me thinking about my own comedy music.  I lamented that I had attempted to record some songs in my office, but they just weren’t coming out as good as I would have liked because of my inexperience in recording music featuring anything more that just one guitar and one microphone.

Carla said I should get in touch with a mutual friend of ours named Steve Goodie.  Steve is another funny songwriter and a super talented musician.  Carla said she had sent him song ideas in the past, he recorded the music and sent it back for her to ad vocals to and the tracks came out great.  So, I got in touch with Steve!  He was all Carla said he was and more!

Thanks to Steve’s masterful instrument playing, he has fleshed out my demos into really great songs that I’m super proud of and that shall be released shortly!  Two of the songs are songs that have been ‘out there’ for awhile now.

Unfriend is a song where I air my grievances regarding Facebook.  It was played on the Dr. Demento show once in 2013, but that was just a demo.  This new version ROCKS!

Frankie is a song I wrote on mandolin and there’s a video of me playing it on YouTube.  Proud to say this version is a bluegrass treat thanks for Steve’s pickin’.

And finally, a brand new, never before heard outside of the one time I played it at Flappers last Saturday, song called Everyone’s Invited.  Actually, the official title is going to be longer, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  This one was written on ukulele but we’ve turned this one into a hoedown that is a lot of fun.

Frankie and Everyone’s Invited are super kid friendly.  Unfriend is not blue, but it borders on PG-13 in terms of subject matter.

I’m super excited to get these out into the wild and I’m planning on doing a post about each song when they are released.  Unfriend is working its way through the digital distribution pipelines as I type.  Frankie will follow suit tomorrow.  Everyone’s Invited will be a little bit longer, as I need a special guest to come in and sing parts of it.  But it will follow shortly.

Working with Steve has been great and it has really inspired me to write more.  Who knows, maybe this is the start of a bunch of new Throwing Toasters songs!

4 thoughts on “Three singles.”

  1. That YouTube show you mentioned featuring comedy music… If you were an associate store with Amazon and people could purchase music and merchandise by clicking through your site…and you could do interviews both live and prerecorded… And produce concert events… That would be cool.

  2. This is great news, Grant! Just last week I was wondering if you were going to continue with your comedy music. So glad to hear this!

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