52 Podcast Interviews #01 – Beth Geiger

I met Beth Geiger several years ago when we were both in the same improv class at Improvatorium.  Right off the bat I could tell she was super talented and hilariously funny, but I was also impressed because she owned he own thriving business, GoGo Acting/Casting Workshops, a business she has since sold.  Beth was a natural fit for my first interview because I’m a big fan and I wanted to talk more about her career.  She has some great insights on art and creativity as well.  Enjoy the interview via the player below or you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.  I’d love to know what you think.

One thought on “52 Podcast Interviews #01 – Beth Geiger”

  1. Loved the advice Beth had of keeping old ideas in a new, present light. You can bring new skills and experience to a good/old idea.

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