52 Podcast Interviews #10 – Tiff Gravel

Of all the interviews I’ve done so far, this is the one that has impacted me the most.  I met Tiff Gravel while working on Leslie Carrara-Rudolph’s Wake Up Your Weird stage show.  I knew she was a funny and hardworking creative individual and I also know she had been to Africa.  But it was this interview that really wowed me when I found out WHY she’d gone to Africa.  Then to find out why she went back and the things that happened to her there, the least of which was getting Malaria…three times!

This interview is really exemplifies why I wanted to do this project.  To learn more about my friends and the incredibly fascinating lives they lead.  I was also excited that Tiff is someone you can truly call an ‘adventurer.’  It seems that’s a word we don’t get to use that often anymore.

Please give this interview a listen if you haven’t already  It is so much fun and very moving.

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