52 Podcast Interviews #14 – the great Luke Ski

When people talk about the legends of comedy music they mention “Weird Al” Yankovic, Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman, Spike Jones and others.  In one hundred years, I firmly believe the great Luke Ski will be added to that list.

I met Luke, face to face, in 2000 at a “Weird Al” convention and when you meet Luke and see him perform, you can’t help but be impressed by his showmanship and his commitment to excellence.  It was a lot of fun getting to sit down and talk to him for this interview.

I talk to Luke about his influences as a kid and his career in the world of comedy music.  We also chat about his new job working at Cartoon Network.  We got to talking so long that not all of our conversation made it into the interview.  You can download extra audio from our chat on the free Saturday Morning Media app for iOS and Android.  You can download it here http://www.saturdaymorningmedia.com/apps/

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