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Joel article.

What I like about this one is the picture of Joel in front of the theatre.  That’s the same theatre that Stuffed & Unstrung played.

Another great interview with Joel

“I had to kind of figure this out because this is all I could do, you know what I mean? It’s kind of like I don’t have any one specific thing that really great at, so I kind of had to be a generalist. That’s all I got, but it’s working.”


Another Joel Hodgson Interview

Came across another interview with Joel that has some great quotes. Joel Interview

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Post from Teller about 'making it'

Fantastic post from Teller f Penn & Teller about ‘making it’.

“We made a solemn vow not to take any job outside of show business. We borrowed money from parents and friends, rather than take that lethal job waiting tables. This forced us to take any job offered to us.”