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Throwing Toasters 20th Anniversary Concert Part 2

Happy Saturday.  Here’s Part 2 of the Throwing Toasters 20th Anniversary Concert that happened back on May 30, 2015.  This audio is also available on the GrantCast podcast feed.   If you want to subscribe to the Grantcast, you can do so with iTunes, or by using this feed in your favorite podcatcher.

Setlist for this episode

  • The R.A. Song
  • Everyone’s Invited To The Squirrel Party w/ Chris “Butch” Sheets
  • Names for the Royal Baby w/ Chris “Butch” Sheets
  • Patrick The Spoiler
  • A.T.M
  • P&M
  • Things I’d Do 4 U
  • Our Love Is Like
  • Autumn
  • Sometimes I Wonder

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Here’s what I want to do…

Dime Novel

I’ve been thinking about ‘what’s next’ when it comes to my project of releasing one piece of audio a week in 2015.  I’ve had some feedback that people like the essays I’ve been releasing via audio and also publishing here so I could continue that.

I am also toying with the idea of recording audio of and publishing on here one of the various novels/novellas I’ve written (or am currently writing).  I have a few, Time Skippers, The Cauldron of Hate and the one I’m currently writing which is, as of now, tentatively titled: Agents of The Vault.

It’s the one I’m working on now that most excites me.  It is a Western, with a twist, and I’m just finishing it up and I think it’s a really good candidate to release in a weekly/serial fashion.  A chapter or two a week until the whole story is ‘out there.’  I’d also record and release the audio each week for those who’d rather listen than read.  I could also release it as a PDF/eBook file as well.

The western adventure aspect of the story reminds me of a Dime Novel.  Or the way that Stephen King originally released The Green Mile (man, I loved that).  Anyway, this got me thinking about how I could do the same with this story.  Sending, to those that want it, printed copies of each chapter through the mail.  I think that would be a lot of fun and, as long as it was only a handful of people, I would do it at my own expense.

Each week, you’d receive an printed copy of that week’s released chapter(s).  I’m thinking they’d be printed in a mini book, a book made out of 8 1/2″ x 11″ pieces of paper folded in half.  Maybe they’d have some simple piece of artwork on the front, though maybe not because I’d rather ‘get them out there’ than wait for art to be done.  Anyway, this is an idea I’m toying around with.

I’d love to know what you think.  Would you want a printed chapter mailed to you each week?  Or is this just an idea that I like and nobody else would?

As a kid I loved getting unique things in the mail and, as an adult, I still do.  I also completely understand that no one needs more crap around their house and my western adventure novel certainly could be considered crap.  But, it 5 to 10 people think it’d be fun, I’d explore figuring out how to do it.  If it was a hit, it could continue, The Saturday Morning Media Book Club!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Throwing Toasters 20th Anniversary Concert Part 1

No big essay or anything this week.  Instead I give you Part 1 of the Throwing Toasters 20th Anniversary Concert that took place on May 30, 2015 at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA.  Enjoy!

Setlist for this episode:

  • HAY
  • Living @ Home
  • Unfriend
  • Bad Influence
  • N.R.L. (Nursery Rhyme Lawyer Song)
  • Frankie
  • Global Warning
  • SkrewU
  • Mrs. Claus
  • New Hampshire

Enjoy these songs?  Seek them out on iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby.com

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Christmas coffee.

Here is another essay I wrote and recorded as part of The GrantCast.  The audio is below.  If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast you can do so in iTunes, or by using this feed in your favorite podcatcher.  Thanks for reading.

Christmas Coffee
By Grant Baciocco

As a kid, I used to get way too excited for Christmas.  Actually, if you know me, I still get way too excited for Christmas (hello, Advent Calendar).  But this all started for me, as a little kid.  As said in the movie A Christmas Story:

“Lovely, beautiful, glorious Christmas, around which the entire kid year revolved.”
I think part of the reason Christmas is such a big deal to me is because my mom and dad made it a big deal.  Heck, they still do.  They started traditions that still carry through to this day.  One of those traditions is new pajamas.
Actually, it was my Grandma Donny, my mom’s mom, that started that tradition.  She would send down presents every year, or we’d bring them back with us from Thanksgiving.  We’d get to open one present on Christmas Eve, sort of a sneak preview of what was to come the next morning.  We were never allowed to pick the present we opened and it took me several years to realize that the present was always from Grandma Donny and it was always pajamas.  It took me several more years to realize the reason it was pajamas was so that we looked nice in pictures on Christmas morning!  No ratty old pajamas were allowed!
The fatal flaw here was that as a kid, I used to get so excited about things, so worked up and nervous, I would make myself sick and throw up!  There were several Christmas mornings where I wasn’t able to make it down the hall to the presents.  I got myself so excited, I’d barf all over the place and usually over my new pajamas.  In later years, my parents would wait to make me wear the new pajamas until they were sure I wasn’t gonna blow chunks.  Luckily I have grown out of this habit.  I haven’t barfed on Christmas in at least, two or three years.
Another tradition that we had starting at a very young age is that on Christmas morning, my great grandmother, Noni and my great aunt, Auntie Dorothy would drive down from San Francisco to be there as we opened presents.  It would go like this, I would wake up first, early, usually around 6 am because I was so excited and I’d get my parents up.  They would call Auntie Dorothy and Noni and they would get up and drive the 20 minutes or so to San Bruno (or later Burlingame) to join us.  Now this did nothing to help calm my excitement!  I’d have to wait, patiently, in my room as they made their way down the peninsula from San Francisco.  And Noni was an older lady so it took her a little longer to get moving!  I’m actually sure they got down to our place as fast as they could but when you’re little and you know there’s presents out in the living room for you under the tree, every minute is an hour.
I would wait patiently in my bedroom, a bundle of nerves until I heard our front door open and I heard the exchanges of “Good Mornings” and “Merry Christmases” being made.  They were here!  It was time to open presents right?  Wrong!
“Can we open presents now?”  I’d yell down the hallway
“Not yet.” my mother would reply.  “We have to make the coffee.”
Make the coffee?!  “Why did’n’t you make the coffee while they were driving down?!”
My parents were literally trying to torture me.  No wonder I barfed all over the place.
©2015 Grant Baciocco/Saturday Morning Media
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