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10 in 20 – Day 9 – Losing it

Greetings once again my dear friends.  Nice to have you back as I go along this journey.

Some news.  Are you ready?  Sitting down?  Well, this morning I weighed myself and I was down TWO more pounds!  What?  I know.  Crazy.  That puts me within three pounds of the goal!  Huzzah!  The scale this morning read 171lbs.  I was hoping for a pound but two?!  I ate M&M’s yesterday, remember?  Wow.  Awesome.

It’ll be really interesting to see what happens tomorrow.  I may go back up a little.  Here’s why…I didn’t get to run today.  I didn’t get a chance to get my 30 minutes in.  I was helping a friend record a video for an audition and the day just slipped away into early evening and I had a rehearsal for a show I’m running sound for tonight.  No chance for a run.  Very frustrating.

The other factor that might tilt it back up a notch is that I ate later than I normally do.  Also, the dinner I had was the amazing steak salad from Portos.  A little heavier than I’d been eating during the past week.  So if I get on the scale tomorrow and it’s up a pound or two, I won’t be too surprised.  I’d LOVE it if I’d maintained 171.  That’d rock.

I was thinking about how well this past week has gone and it’s really amazing.  There is no special trick to it.  No secret.  I’m not fudging on what I eat or what I weigh to you fine folks.  I’m simply watching everything I eat.  It’s easy to lose the weight when you are focused on doing so.  I will say it’s been hard.  There have been moments recently where I’ve wanted to go pig our on barbecue or a burrito or something, but I’ve been keeping my goal squarely in my focus.  One thing that certainly helps is all the fine feedback from you folks.  You guys rock so much!

Okay, on to today’s meals (Spoiler Alert), you’ve seen them all before…


Subway Turkey Breast, Baked Lays BBQ Chips & Bottle of Water – 10 WW Points
Yep, same old thing.  Different chips.  Today the ‘sandwich artist’ really packed on the vegetables which is fine, but the sandwich was falling apart all over the place.  What do you want for $5 I reckon.


Banana – 0 WW Points
Nice afternoon snack.  A banana.  Nothing special to see here, move along.



Portos Southwest Chicken Salad, no cheese, tortilla strips or dressing & Water – 12 WW Points
This salad.  Amazing.  Just a great meal.  As I said above, a little too filling for an evening meal which, I think, should be lighter.  Unless it’s Thanksgiving Dinner at my mom’s house.  If it is, eat your fill and then some.  But still it was good to get meat and vegetables and no heavy carbs or anything like that.

Tomorrow I’m going to be getting my run in for sure.  No question.  May even run a little bit longer.  And I’m going to eat a lighter meal in the evening.  I want to get these last three pounds off so I can start looking at my next goal.  I believe it’ll be another 10, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Until tomorrow my pals!

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