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As they walked along under the moonlight, they were both quiet.  They were inches apart as they traversed the pavement, but they did not come in contact with each other ever.  Around them the night’s insects made their noise.  A few restless birds chirped here and there, but the only sound was that of their footsteps.

The silence between them though, spoke volumes.  It had since day one.  They were capable of some incredibly powerful silences.

He spoke first, it was barely a whisper.  That’s all they needed.  All they ever needed.

“I need you to do something.” he said.

She was quiet for a very long time.  Several yards past underneath their feet before she even turned to her left to look at thim.  They kept walking.

“What?” came her reply.

Again, the silence mounted as they continued down the path.

“I need you never to forgive me.” he said finally.  “Ever.”

She studied him after these words left his lips.  He continued looking down.  She then looked forward as they continued to walk.  She knew more would come.  She knew he felt her question.

After a few minutes, he took a breath and then, “I need you never to forgive me so I will always know exactly how very lucky I am.”

After these words the silence crashed around them.  Their footsteps now, on the ground, the only sound.  They continued the walk.  She said nothing for two minutes.  Five minutes.  Ten minutes.

He looked over at her.  Her eyes were on the path but she felt his gaze.

Her lips tight.  Without looking up, she nodded.

They continued walking into the night.

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