So in an order to provide more content that is of absolutely no interest to anyone, I’ve decided I’d start cataloguing the various collections I have and posting an item at a time from them here on my site.  I have several collections (far fewer than I used to have).  Among them are…

LJN WWF Wrestling Figures – Used to collect these as a kid.  Slowly recollecting them Mint on Card.

Comic Books – Daredevil (hope someday to have the entire run, no matter what condition) and just about anything with Jamie “Multiple Man” Maddroxx in it (my favorite hero).

Jimmy Hart Memorabilia – Jimmy Hart, professional wrestling manager.  In 6th grade for Career Day, I dressed as Jimmy Hart.  He is/was an idol.

and, the collection I’ll be starting this project with, Memorabilia from the greatest Disneyland/Walt Disney World attraction of ALL time…

The Country Bear Jamboree.

Strap in!  It promises to be a hell of a boring ride!


5 thoughts on “Collections”

  1. So, do you OWN the bear? Or is the photo the item from your collection? See? I can feign interest in anything! lol BTW, the photo on the upper right of this page kinda looks like a zombie….

  2. Was that the night of the open house when they had the Mickey audioanimatronic out in the lobby of Grizzly Hall? I was just getting pictures today of my collections that I need to unload. Looking forward to seeing yours. 🙂

    1. This was taken Christmas 1994 or 1994. A friend who worked the attraction let me sneak backstage during a break and take this photo. Liver Lips is my favorite bear! 🙂

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