Category: Collections

Since I was a small child I’ve collected things. Over the years my collections have come and gone. Some have endured. These are the ones that have become manias.


So in an order to provide more content that is of absolutely no interest to anyone, I’ve decided I’d start cataloguing the various collections I have and posting an item at a time from them here on my site.  I have several collections (far fewer than I used to have).  Among them are…

LJN WWF Wrestling Figures – Used to collect these as a kid.  Slowly recollecting them Mint on Card.

Comic Books – Daredevil (hope someday to have the entire run, no matter what condition) and just about anything with Jamie “Multiple Man” Maddroxx in it (my favorite hero).

Jimmy Hart Memorabilia – Jimmy Hart, professional wrestling manager.  In 6th grade for Career Day, I dressed as Jimmy Hart.  He is/was an idol.

and, the collection I’ll be starting this project with, Memorabilia from the greatest Disneyland/Walt Disney World attraction of ALL time…

The Country Bear Jamboree.

Strap in!  It promises to be a hell of a boring ride!