It’s come to this…

So, I’m seriously contemplating deleting, or at the very least deactivating, my Facebook account.  The site has lost it’s usefulness to me and just seems to be a growing source of frustration in my life.

There’s been several news reports as to how Facebook can cause depression.  I can honestly say, at least in my case, I believe this is true.  There’s been more than one instance of me getting ‘bummed out’ because of something I’ve seen on Facebook.  Another example is that, to this day, I still have not seen The Muppets because of Facebook.   Several people who worked on it, who were Facebook friends of mine, were so over the top promotional about the film when it was released it completely soured me on seeing the film.  I’ll see it eventually, someday I guess.

It would seem that someone in my position, a content creator, MUST have a Facebook account in order to have a Facebook fan page to promote this and that.  Thanks to recent changes in the way Facebook works, even when you post something on your fan page, not all of the people who ‘Like’ your page will see the posts.  If you want to reach EVERYONE, you have to pay.  Gotta make up for that IPO somehow I imagine.

Finally there’s the ‘drama’ factor.  I hate that Facebook has become this THING that people live and die through.  It’s a website.  A way to communicate.  An easy way to share pictures.  It is NOT real life.

So, to get to the point, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about deleting my Facebook account.  I just no longer see the point anymore.  I find Twitter a much more useful social network and prefer it’s short messages to the drama that is Facebook.  So, if you are a friend of mine on Facebook and you go to send me a message and find I’m not there.  Fear not.  I’m right here.  My Twitter handle, email address, website info, is all over the web.  Email me.  Tweet me.  Call me.

You may just not have Grant Baciocco to poke around anymore.

3 thoughts on “It’s come to this…”

  1. As you want, Grant. Seems to me that the depression is the dominant mode of life in America 2012, and FaceBook is just the messenger. I’ve never been on Twitter and never expect to; it’s a place for punchlines, not communication. On the other hand, I’ve soured on LiveJournal, which tends to allow people to moan and weep at length, and the “cut” feature has never worked properly. So it may simply be a matter of finding the length at which you which to scream in pain. I’m only a medium, not a teeny or a big-and-tall size.

  2. I’m sorry! Social Media in general has become a way to bully people. It feels more and more childish. I’ve taken to filtering everything. But it’s good to know you’ll still be around.

  3. Facebook will be sadder & worse for the wear with you not there…

    But as I said… Do what you gotta do, baby.

    I will always look to the intrawebs for you…
    you funny, talented man.

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