“Yeah, but it’s only Wednesday.” – Happy 4th of July!

It’s July 4th here in the United States .  As is my tradition on the 4th, i listen to Stan Freberg’s History of the United States of America.  Specifically the ‘Signing of the Declaration of Independence’ track.  This was the first track I can remember hearing by Stan Freberg and I fell in love.  To me this was just about as perfect piece of comedy you could create.  It was a HUGE influence on Dr. Floyd and Did This Happen.

I’ve online been able to find the version below online and it has a few skips in it.  This is also the whole side of the album, but the Declaration of independence part is first.  It still makes me laugh.  Even after hearing it hundreds of times.

Happy 4th of July America!  From me and Stan!

And while searching for the above clip, I came across this relatively new animation from the same album.  Fun stuff.


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