100 Word Wednesdays – Roger Makes A Change

Another 100 word story based on a Police Blotter piece from Burlingame, CA.

Roger Makes A Change
By Grant Baciocco

Roger felt good.

He hadn’t felt this good in a long time. He’d been battling a deep depression recently. A depression deeper than any he’d faced in his 87 years.

His friend Amanda would not let him give up. She had said, “Just change one thing. Just make one little change and you can change your whole outlook on life.”

So Roger decided to make a change in the way he dressed and it had worked. Here we was, walking down the street and people were noticing him. Smiling at him. Talking about him. Him and his brand new suspenders.

This one is a classic from the Burlingame Police Blotter.

Sunday, November 25
1:06 p.m. A resident asked police to check on an elderly man on the 1400 block of Burlingame Avenue who was having a hard time keeping his pants up. It turned out he was using suspenders for the first time.

I love my hometown.

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