Wednesday Words – 100 Word Police Blotter Story – Bored

Here’s a great item from the police blotter that’s very fitting for St. Patrick’s Day!

By Grant Patrick Baciocco

Guarding a pot of gold is not as glamorous as it sounds. There are long stretches of boredom between rainbows and during the summer, day after day of straight sun can get boring.

Dermot Kiley was 545 years old and he’d had enough. Enough of sitting around in the summers. Enough of being bored. And when Dermot got bored he got mean.

One hot summer afternoon, he made up his mind. He was going to put a beating on the very first human he saw. It was against the Leprechaun code, sure, but he was gonna be bored no more!

1100 block of Trousdale Drive, 12:34 p.m. Sunday A confused man reported being attacked by 3-foot-6-inch male who became invisible afterward.

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