10 in 20 – Day 11 – Frustration

I’m learning a lot recently that if you are really looking forward to something, it’s probably going to be completely different from what you thought it was going to be.  And when it turns out to be that way, it’ll be extremely disappointing.  And frustrating.  Happened again today.

As I wrote yesterday, I was really looking forward to eating light and getting to Hollywood early and getting a big salad with chicken before running sound for Nicol Paone’s show.  All I ate during the day was two bananas because I knew I’d be having the salad around 4:30PM.  So by the time that rolled around and I was standing at the front counter at Tender Greens I was starving!  I love ordering a salad with chicken their because they bring you BIG pieces of chicken. You really feel like you’re getting a good meal.  Almost like a salad and half a chicken or something.

I ordered my romaine hearts salad with Salt & Pepper Chicken (no dressing, no parmesan) and proceeded to where you wait for your order.  I was really happy because the place wasn’t busy.  Sometimes their Sunset & Vine location can be slammed.  I noticed that there were now probably about 10 or 15 people who’d come into the restaurant.  The staff was taking orders and serving people and I noticed that lots of people were getting their food.  Finally, I was told it’d be out in just a minute (the order had somehow slipped through).

A few minutes later my salad arrived.  It was covered in dressing and parmesan and wasn’t the usual whole big pieces of chicken but tiny little chopped up pieces, which I learned was ‘white meat only.’  I looked at it and apologized but said this is not what I ordered.  I restated my order and they said they’d bring it to the table.

They bring over my salad and it’s right except it’s got the ‘white meat only’ little bits of chicken.  I briefly through about sending it back but by this point I was just way too frustrated with the whole ordeal.  I just shut up and had my salad with tiny pieces of chicken.  I would love to say I enjoyed it, but I did not.  It was a fine salad but it just wasn’t what I’d been looking forward to for two days.

But, such is life.  It’s gonna disappoint you so you might as well keep going.

Was still 171lbs today, so that wasn’t disappointing at all!  Maintaining!  🙂

Okay, on to the FOOD (such as it was)!


Bananas – 0 WW Points
Yup.  Bananas.  Only took a picture of one, but I promise you the other was eerily similar.



The Tender Greens Not What I Ordered Special – 16 Points
Meg.  I’ve bitched about this enough.  It was what it was.

No REAL activity today although I did walk several blocks after riding the Metro into Hollywood.

Okay, that’s all for today.  I shall rejoin you tomorrow for more fun.


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