10 in 20 – Day 7 – Dreams

A bit of a tangent to start things off here.

At the beginning of the year, I made a habit to post little creative inspirational message on Twitter and Facebook.  They were simple words about staying true to your creative self and pursuing your creative work.  People really responded to these and a few people have even got in touch with me and told me that they were working on projects because of those daily bursts of inspiration.  Another even told me she was making a career change partially because of something I posted. (Whoa!).

I kept that up for a few months but then stopped because, honestly the well had run dry.  I could think of any more that were new and not just derivatives of ones I’d already posted.  I also had the idea to take each little line and expand it into a 500 word blog post and then release them here every Monday to sort of ‘jump start’ people creatively at the start of the week.  I’ve written about 15 or so of the blog posts, but I wanted to save them until I had about 25 or 30, so I could start posting them and have one go out a week for a full year.  That may still happen.  I have been slowly working on them.

Anyway, a lot of those quotes had to do with obtaining your dreams or goals, whatever those may be.  Professional.  Personal.  Whatever.  You may think you’ll never achieve your dreams or goals, but the moment you stop trying, you never will achieve them.

In a way, this applies to the 10 in 20.  I have a goal to be at a certain weight and while that goal has been there for awhile, I’m focused on it now and…it’s working.  I’m achieving it.  A big part of that is the support I’m getting from you folks who are following along.  Because, as one of my thoughts from earlier in the year was: It’s easier to achieve your dreams/goals with help and support.  And I’m very grateful to have you along for the ride.

So, this morning I hopped on the scale.  I was worried that I may have had one plantain too many last night and would have gone up a pound of so, but no!  This morning I was 173lbs.  The same as yesterday.  So no gaining!  Great news.  Tomorrow is my WW Weigh in day. Would love to drop one more before then, but I think 5 in a week is not too shabby at all.

So here’s today’s viddles…..


Chop Stop BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad & A Bottle of Water – 12 WW Points.
I love this salad.  That why I’m having it again.  Really fills you up and the chicken is just fantastic.


Banana – 0 WW points.
Afternoon snack in the office.  What more can you say?  It’s a banana.


Chicken Stew, one slice of french bread & Water – 17 WW Points
This one was a little tricky to figure out.  There’s no entry for ‘chicken stew’ in WW’s database.  SO I kinda figured it out using the entry for beef stew.  Not 100% sure it’s right but it’s good enough.

ACTIVITY – Running 30 Minutes.

So tomorrow is my weigh in day.  Back when I was REALLY focused on the WW plan, Wednesday would become the day where I’d have my sort of ‘splurge’ meal (still tracking the points, but using up a lot of them).  Not sure I’ll do that here.  Would rather stick to my goals for another week and be able to splurge a little more on the fine Canadian cuisine in Toronto.


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