100 Word Story – Police Blotter Stories – The Trick

A tiny piece of fiction based on an item from the police blotter of my hometown, Burlingame, California.  Enjoy!

The Trick
By Grant Baciocco

“And now, for my next trick…”

“Brian,” Angelica groaned, “You are supposed to be working.  Not playing.”

“I can do this!” Brian said, handing her the handcuffs.  A small crowd of customers gathered around them in a small circle.  “My assistant will now place the handcuffs on my wrists.”

“I will not.”

“Do it Angelica!  People are watching!”

Angelica sighed, “Fine!”  She swiped the cuffs out of his hands.  Brian turned around and placed his hands behind his back.  Angelica slipped the handcuffs on his wrists and locked them with a click.

Brian turned around to the crowd. “And now…”

1800 block of Adrian Road, 10:01 a.m. Tuesday The fire department responded to a thrift store to help an employee unable to remove handcuffs.

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