Puppet Up Toronto Tour Diary – Day 5 – TV!

Before I tell you the story of today, I have to tell you about my fellow improviser, Brian Clark. Brian is just a great guy who embodies fun wherever he goes. He’s a true friend and can always be counted on to come up with a crazy idea in an improv or in just normal, day to day, conversation.

Yesterday, Brian got it in his head that we should have a Puppet Up Pool Party at noon at the hotel’s indoor pool. He was very insistent that everyone attend, so last night I knew if I did one thing today it would be to be at that pool party.

I was up early at 7AM this morning because I had to meet in the lobby at 8AM to go do a quick television spot to promote the show. I met Julianna in the lobby and we were off. By 8:20AM I was in my mic and we were on the streets of Toronto to shoot this quick 90 second spot. I was extremely happy it was only 90 seconds as it was COLD and I couldn’t wear my heavy jacket because the sleeve wouldn’t fit into the puppet!


The piece went great. I’ll try and find a copy of it online. It was short and just basically got across the info of the show. The interviewer, Rosey Edeh, spent most of the time talking to the puppet which is, actually, the best compliment you can pay a puppeteer.

At about 8:45AM I was back in my room and I crawled back into bed to catch some sleep before the Pool Party.

I woke up and looked at the clock…12:45PM! Yikes! I was late! I donned my suit and dashed downstairs and, luckily, the ‘party’ was still in full swing. Spent about 230 minutes or so swimming, then a quick hop in the sauna.

Later that afternoon, I explored Toronto a bit. Had lunch, which included French Fries with Gravy and explored a bit more. Then back to the hotel to chill a bit. Around 4:30PM Brian, Dan RIng and I went and had some dinner right next to the theatre and it was showtime!


Another great show tonight. The theatre was packed with very few empty seats and the audience was fantastic. We actually got a standing ovation.

20131025-005039.jpg (Patrick & Greg)

20131025-005253.jpg (Julianna & Amanda our Puppet Wrangler)

Some great scenes tonight. A Manners Movie about the dangers of walking and texting, A Bedtime Story called: Shopping At Ikea a.k.a. The Diarrhea Monster (that’s what the audience wanted), the climactic scene from a play called The Menstruation Proclamation (again, the audience wanted it) and a fantastic date scene.

Alien Barbershop got a good laugh. The topic was Government Shutdown. My, wordy, rhyme was:

The Government’s Shutdown
The Senators aren’t working today,
But nothing’s really changed
They never work anyway.

Had another good run at Java as well. Still trying to nail down certain beats, but I’m getting better at it. I think doing Java may be my new favorite piece above Alien Barbershop. It’s just really an honor to be in that piece.

Lots of fun in the lobby after the show meeting the audience and posing for pictures with the puppets. After the show it was back to the hotel to write the words you’re now reading.

I’m truly lucky to get to do this and I’m thankful for every minute. I never want it to end. Now we head into our weekend shows including two shows on Saturday. I can’t wait!

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3 thoughts on “Puppet Up Toronto Tour Diary – Day 5 – TV!”

  1. Hey Grant,
    I’ll be checking out the show on November 3rd. While you’re here you should really check out a couple of attractions once you have time off…ha ha ha! There is a CN Tower Edge walk, The Evil Dead Musical and Ripley’s New Aquarium. You guys should check them out. Anyway, sounds like you guys are having a blast- enjoy your stay here in Canada and (if your satellite is working) say hi to Uncle Interloper for me.

    1. Tom! Be sure to hang out in the lobby after to say hi! Uncle Interloper is here with me but won’t be at the theatre. 🙂 looking forward to meeting you!

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