Puppet Up Spring 2014 Tour – March 8, 2014 – Here we go again!

And we are off on another fun filled Puppet Up Tour! This one started, as they usually do, at The Jim Henson Company lot to get a shuttle to Los Angeles International airport. Soon all who were going on the shuttle were on board and we were off.


There was some worry about getting to the airport on time due to some construction, but we needn’t have worried as while we were driving we got word that our 4:12 PM flight was delayed until 5:15 PM. Once we arrived at the airport and were through security, we were informed our flight would now be leaving at 5:50 PM. So we had a nice long wait at the gate.

Eventually, we were on our way to Salt Lake City. The flight was fine, nothing to write here about. We landed in Salt Lake City and then had a thirty minute shuttle ride off to Park City. Once there we got to our fun condos and put our stuff down. Then we were out foraging for food.

We found out that not much is open on Main Street Park City in the way of places that sever food. We finally did track one down after a bit of walking and finally it felt like we could relax.

I’d like to commend Park CIty on their HEATED BENCHES! Just the thing when sitting out in the cold waiting for the free bus that does a loop of downtown! Very nice.

There’s a lot of laughs off stage with this particular group of puppet people and I think that bodes really well for the shows!

Tomorrow is our first one, and because of that I’m going to cut things short and hit the hay. We are an hour earlier AND we have the time change tonight. That’s losing 2 hours! Need my sleep!

Here we go!



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  1. I did a workshop in Park City. Sunday was slim pickin’s for food! I’m glad you found something. Have a fantastic show you guys!

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