Puppet Up Spring 2014 Tour – March 9, 2014 – Park City, Utah

It is rough losing two hours. Yes, while most of the U.S. only lost one hour, the Puppet Up crew lost two because we travelled to a new time zone AND had daylight savings. Needless to say, I was exhausted all day.

Our tireless crew, Cameron, Matt, Julianna and Sean (who is pulling double duty) went to the theatre early to do all the really important work of making us look and sound good, as well as making sure the 80 Miskreant puppets are ready to perform.


We headed over the the theatre around 2:30 PM and soon we had our microphones on and were running through the opening and closing numbers. People often say, “You’re an improv show, why do you have to rehearse?” But our show has a lot of technical elements to it and we need to make sure those elements work exactly how we need to. We never rehearse the actual improvs but we rehearse the opening and closing or anything that has a heavy technical element.

Not too long after, we were in our blacks and ready for the show. The Park City, Utah crowd was just amazing. They gave their laughs freely and their suggestions were amazing! Suggestions ranged from a kitten giving birth to New Jersey to Ski Patrols. They laughed right along with us and were not afraid to get naughty. Just a super fun show.

All the puppeteers were on fire tonight. Vanessa made a sassy Miley Cyrus. Peggy sang the hell out of the James Bond song. Sean was hilarious as a cow milking farmer who spoke in tongues and Victor kicked ass with his rap. Very lucky to be working with the group and a little intimidated that, after this, I move into the host slot and, attempt, to fill Patrick’s shoes.

After the show, we went to the lobby to take photos for Facebook and that is always a blast. The Park City crowd was just fantastic. This show also marked the first time a four legged friend saw the show. Missouri, a guide dog in training was there for both acts (though we were told he slept through most of it.) After the show he was very interested in meeting our Pug Puppet. Hopefully those pictures will pop up on Facebook. They are cute.

After leaving the theatre, we went to a restaurant called Blind Dog and had a reception with donors and VIPS. It was a lot of fun discussing the show with the folks who had just seen it!

Tomorrow is a day off in Park City. We’re going to be making some fun vines for our upcoming Pittsburgh show, so if you’re on Vine, look for PuppetUp on there and follow us. The first one is live and it’s a doozy! After that, I hear there’s a barbecue place that’s pretty decent, so you’ll know where to find me come lunchtime. Excited to see a bit of Park City.

For now, I’m hitting the hay because I’m exhausted.


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