Puppet Up Down Under 2014 – March 30, 2014 – Final Preview


The place we are staying in in Melbourne is very nice. We are on the top floor which gives us amazing views of downtown. We have separate bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a fun living room area. We were also pleased to see that each unit came with a combo washer and dryer. This is one single unit that both washes and dries clothes. It’s pretty neat.

It’s pretty neat except for the fact that it comes with no instructions and it is the single most confusing piece of equipment that has been invented. And this is not just me saying this, all in our company are perplexed by these machines. I even searched out a PDF of the instructions online and it’s still near impossible to figure it out. Not only that the capacity is super small. Want to clean three Tshirts? This is the machine for you! Want to clean four Tshirts? Sorry, no go.

I washed a pair of jeans today and they came out so wrinkled (because the capacity of the machine is so small) I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get them wrinkle free again. It also take a MINIMUM of four hours to do one regular load of laundry. FOUR HOURS!!! You have to REALLY plan things out with this machine.

Needless to say, I did laundry today.

At lunch, Brian, Dan and I walked to a place called Bowery to Williamsburg. It is a great little deli not too far from our hotel. The food was really great and I treated my pals to lunch. I had the pastrami melt. It was great. Came with a small side of Mac and cheese which was decent. And they have great mini pies. I had a pecan with maple cream on the side. Delicious. And I was stuffed for the day.


After lunch we came back to the hotel. Brian paid his taxes while I continued with Laundry-a-thon 2014. We travel to Sydney tomorrow and I just feel better traveling with clean clothes instead of a bunch of dirty ones. Especially since I’m not sure we’ll have access to laundry in Sydney.

After a bit of relaxing, and napping on Brian’s part, it was time to head to the Princess Theatre for our final preview show.

And what a show it was! Tonight the suggestions skewed really dirty. So dirty in fact I won’t relate many of them here in order to keep things family friendly. Let’s just say, it was dirty.

One funny story I’ll relate is that during the first minute of I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face the music cut out. Right after the first line of the song. I just kept cool because I knew they would fix it, but it provided Ted and I a moment to kind of goof around. It was one of those unique moments that only happens in this show.

Alien Barbershop came back into rotation! The suggestion was ‘Morgue’. Here is my rhyme, I apologize in advance, I just said I was gonna keep it family friendly.

I work at the morgue
It’s not a place I dread
It’s the best place for me
Because I like to f*** the dead.

Yeah. It got a great reaction from the crowd.

After the show I found out that the amazingly talented Lana Schwarcz was at the show. She’s a puppeteer I met at the O’Neil Puppetry Conference a few years ago. It was so good to see her and reconnect. We made a plan to hang out a bit after we are back from Sydney. So nice to bump into friends I expectantly. Also talked to a few other folks from the audience tonight who were super interested in puppetry.

There was a bit of hanging out after and then I took off for bed to be prepped for tomorrow’s flight!

Goodnight Melbourne. I’ll see you in less than a week. I can’t wait to be back!!


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  1. I apartment sat for a friend of mine once who had that combo washer. It had a digital child lock on it that was impossible to figure out, and I could not get my clothes out. I also could not interrupt a cycle. I had an entire load of socks go from regular size to baby bootys. UGH. I don’t like those things.

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