Puppet Up Down Under 2014 – March 31, 2014 – Sydney

We all kicked off the day saying goodbye to Melbourne. We will be back in a week but for now it was time to head to Sydney in preperation for our shows at the Sydney Opera House. I’m really excited for these shows. How often can you say you’ve performed at a world famous landmark? Excited to add it to the list of places I’ve performed, up at the top next to The Tokyo Dome in Japan and Lucy’s Laundromat in Silver Lake.

We met on the sidewalk of our hotel and were soon at the Melbourne Airport. After checking our luggage and getting through security, we were soon at the gate. Can I just say how great it was going through Australian airport security? Didn’t have to take off my belt and shoes. Bringing water through was not a problem and you didn’t have to go through a ‘trust us, it’s safe’ machine. Just a good old fashioned metal detector. I actually felt safer.


The flight to Sydney was just under 90 minutes. It was highlighted by the fact that every seat on this airplane, it was a Quantis jet, had an ipad in the seat pocket so you could watch in flight streaming movies and television. Kind of cool.

We landed in Sydney, got out luggage and took off for the hotel. Once we checked in, Brian, Dan and I took off for downtown Sydney. At the start of this trip, Brian had some issues with his computer. So much so, he went and bought a brand new Mac laptop. He figured out he could get by with using just his iPad so he decided to return it in Sydney as the Apple Store was much easier to get to than the one in Melbourne.


We took a great walk across the city to get to the Apple store, crossing Hyde Park along the way. Lots of great things to see along the way such as monuments and shops. It was about a 30 minute walk to what seemed to be the heart of downtown and the Apple store. After Brian returned his computer we walked back towards our hotel taking different streets and seeing different sights. This town looks really interesting but I’m already leaning towards liking Melbourne better. Who knows, perhaps the opera house will change my mind.

On the way back we stopped for dinner, actually, my forts meal of the day, at a pizza place called Dimitris. Brian and I split a ham, pumpkins and ricotta pizza that was decent. It was a little too thin crusty for my liking, but it was decent. Then Brian took off back to the hotel and Dan and I popped into the supermarket to pick up some for for the week.


After that, the rest of the evening was mostly relaxing and prepping for what will probably be a pretty heavy tech day tomorrow at the Opera House. That and finding a decent spot to get good internet as the internet at this hotel leaves a lot to be desired.

Could not be more excited for tomorrow!


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