Puppet Up Spring 2014 Tour – March 14, 2014 – Travel Day

Strap yourselves in. This one is going to be short and sweet. And probably boring. May not even promote it on it’s release it is going to be so dull. At any rate, here we go.

Today was a travel day. We left Springfield, Ohio at around 11 PM and got in to Kalamazoo, Michigan at about 5:30 PM or so.

The journey was quite uneventful. Traveling by ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ tour bus really is the way to go. There’s enough space for everyone to kind of do their own thing. Pretty amazing when you consider there are ten of us traveling on that bus. And that’s not including the driver. The bus the size of ours has just enough room that everyone has their own space, and that’s even when people aren’t in the individual bunks.

I pretty much all of the trip in my bunk, answering some e-mails, doing a little reading and tapping around on my iPad. Also made a few phone calls to touch base with some folks back West.

We made one stop in Ohio to grab some lunch. Most of us went to Waffle House as they are rare on the West coast. I had a pecan waffle and a bowl of grits in as tribute to my good friend Carla Ulbrich. I did not go for the ‘All Star Special’ as I did the first night Carla took me to Waffle House. While I ate I, was sure to play some Oak Ridge Boys on the juke box to keep me company as I dined.


Upon arrival at the hotel I adjourned to my room and watched The History of Future Folk. I highly recommend it as a fun film to watch. It’s on NetFlix. If you like comedy music you should check it out. First comedy music I’ve heard in awhile that’s inspired me to try and write a little more. We’ll see if that happens.

I then watched the new Cosmos on hulu. It was really great. My only complaint is that Neil has to tone down the hand gestures a little. It’s a little distracting. But I thought the content was really good.

Other than that, there ain’t no news, as the old bit goes. Tomorrow a show in Kalamazoo and then an after show buss trip to Madison and our last show of this tour.


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