Puppet Up Down Under 2014 – April 26, 2014 – Goodnight, Australia


Today was the day that I was dreading since we first arrived in Australia. It is, sadly, our final day here. But just because it was her last day, didn’t mean we were going to sit around and mope about it.

Peggy and I had talked about possibly going to a Koala sanctuary that is not too far from Brisbane. Ultimately, in the morning, we decided against it. We chose to spend a relaxing day in the vicinity around the hotel as opposed to trekking out to see more Koala’s.

Just about all of us met in the lobby around 11:00 AM and we walked along the riverside until we found a place to have brunch. It was fun having a meal with almost the whole crew. And added bonus, was looking out over the river as we had breakfast.

After we ate, I came back to the hotel and Brian and I took a walk to Queen Street. Queen Street ends in sort of a pedestrian the mall. There were lots of shops and Brian and I were looking for souvenirs to bring back home to the United States.

We spent several hours shopping and bought a lot of fun souvenirs to bring back. Probably the funniest thing I got was a gift for my dad and brother. I bought them each a coin purse made out of the kangaroo scrotum. Yes, you read that right. I wish I could be there to see their faces when they open them.

After baking our purchases, Brian and I headed back to the hotel to relax a bit before heading over to the theater. Brian fell asleep as I began the painful process of packing to go home. Not too long after that it was time to head to the theater. Our tech check went smoothly and soon it was just a waiting game until our final Australian show at the powerhouse Theatre in Brisbane.

And it was a fantastic show. Lots of great suggestions from the Brisbane the crowd. And a lot of the improv’s were just laugh out loud, hold your sides of funny. My jamboree song went the best it has gone. It is still not remotely near where I wanted to be. I was proud of one line and it though that was ace per of the moment not planned it all improv. I hope to eventually get the song and the rhymes all up to that level. But it is going to be a long time.

The rest of the show was absolutely outstanding. The Hot Dogs installed us septic tank. We played the game Name that STI. And we spent some time driving around looking for a carpark (parking lot). The talent show featured a monologue, circus wrestling, and an alien barbershop song about global warming.

Global Warming is real.
But I have a plan
When I use a condom
I’ll just use it again.

Such a fun show and a great show to go out on. A great way to wrap up our stay.

How else can I put this? I love Australia.

After the show the cast help pack the puppets. Always sad to put them away but hopefully we will see them soon.

After that, Peggy, Ted and I took the ferry back to to our hotel. The night was so nice it was a perfect way to cap off this last day. We stood on the front of the ferry as it sailed under the Story Bridge. Perfect evening.


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