Puppet Up Down Under 2014 – April 4, 2014 – TV


This morning we were up early for an appearance on Australian TV. The show, Studio 10, is a little like the The View and the gag was that the puppets were filling in for the regular four hosts for this one segment. It was Brian, Colleen, Peggy and myself. Along with Patrick, Julianna and Rosie, who is our amazing Comedy a Festival liaison, we hopped a cab down to the television station.

After some waiting around in the green room and general discussion on what exactly the puppets would be discussing on the show, we were led to the studio to film the segment. The whole thing lasted two minutes and was, seemingly, well received. You can watch the segment by CLICKING HERE. It’s always fun to do these kind of press things and I will always say year to doing them.

After getting back to the hotel, the lot of us went to grab breakfast at a place called Mad Spuds Cafe. Brian and I both had the Irish Breakfast. It consisted of two eggs, sausage, baked beans, hash browns, soda bread, toast and black and white pudding. That sounds like a lot but the portions were actually small. The only thing regular sized were the eggs. For example, the hash browns were just about the same diameter as a fifty cent piece. It was all very good.

Afterwards, we hung out in the hotel a bit. I did another load of laundry because after Sunday morning it’s back to the washer/dryer from hell back in Melbourne.

Brian, Dan and I took the bus down to the theatre and i was sure to make good use of the googly eyes in my pocket.


We arrived early so we got to explore the Opera House gift shop. Picked up a gift or two, then it was time to get to the theatre for soundcheck. We found out that a puppetry group from Sydney (sort of their version of the LA Guild Puppetry) would be coming to the show and we would be doing a brief meet and greet after the show. That also indicated to us that we should step up the puppetry game tonight.

The show was great. And the crowd was absolutely amazing. The suggestions were off the charts too! We saw a scene in a sewer where Colleen’s character was stuck in a pipe, the Hot Dogs acted out the crucifixion, we saw Tom Cruise on Oprah in an alternate history where he was the most normal person there and a 50s Manners Movies about the dangers of breaking wind on a space station.

I, once again, got to do the Alien Barbershop and fared a little better tonight with the topic of Spinach:

Oh I love spinach,
You really can’t beat it.
I only wish
I could get my fucking kids to eat it.

From top to bottom, just an amazing show. And after the show it was super fun meeting the fine people from the Puppetry group. Paul, Katherine, Wez and the others (I’m horrible with remembering names, I’m so sorry). It was fun to discuss the goings on in the puppetry community in Sydney.

After that, Brian, Dan and I bussed back to the area we are staying at and had a nice Thai food dinner. After that we had a writer’s meeting for a new series we are going to shoot. I can’t say much more but you can bet your butts it’ll be good.

All in all, another amazing day living the dream.


4 thoughts on “Puppet Up Down Under 2014 – April 4, 2014 – TV”

  1. That night was an awesome show! Your performance of Java was outstanding! I really enjoyed meeting you too with our Sydney Puppet Group. You were so kind and patient to answer all my questions. Judging by the messages and photos flying around on the group’s Facebook page, we were all so inspired by the show and the meet and greet, that many of us got our puppet materials out and got building with a passion! Hope the rest of your stay in Australia is really enjoyable and that the next time you are in town, let us know, and you are most welcome to come along to one of our get togethers to talk or make puppets! The FB group is called Hand in Glove: puppeteers in Sydney & NSW.

    1. Katherine- so much fun to meet you guys and thank you for supporting the show so much. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Grant,
    Just read this post. Thanks heaps for the mention.
    the show was awesome…top work!!!
    It was a real treat to have the chance to chat after the show….I understand you guys must have had so much going on…and to give us your time was really appreciated and very inspiring.
    Following the show, our group hung out for a drink and it was amazing to hear that each of us found inspiration in such diverse places from our seeing the show and our meeting up with the cast… some were inspired after playing with a puppet or two… some were inspired after discussing improv casting methods…some were inspired by the technical set up…for me…it was the chance to discuss the digital puppet system with you. Thankyou!!!

    If you get a chance, you can check out my carving work at my website….but I understand if you are a tad too busy.

    All in all…from myself and all the other Sydney Puppet people in our group who were inspired by your efforts…thankyou!!

    1. Wez- I checked out your site! Your puppets are amazing. So great. You are a super talented carver! Thanks again for coming to the show. It was great to talk to you afterwards. And congratulations on the impending bundle of joy!

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