I thought I would do a brief check in on my weight loss goals for those who are interested.  Back at the end of April, I kind of set up a goal for myself of losing 10 pounds by my birthday on May 20th.

Well, that didn’t happen.  Oh, I tried…several times…to make it happen but if just wouldn’t stick.  I’d celebrate eating great for one day, then the next morning go pig out on barbecue or some other gluttonous feast.  Once or twice I strung together two days of really good eating and I always fell right back into the food trough and it all went out the window.

It wasn’t until June 11th that that all changed.  There’s nothing special about that day other than that’s the day I really committed and, I’m proud to say four weeks later, it seems to have stuck.

In the weeks before June 11th, I’d make excuses for eating poorly.  You see, when I lost all my weight on weight watchers before, I had chosen Wednesday as my ‘weigh in’ day.  That’s the day you track your progress and all your points reset.  I chose Wednesday because I tend to eat a little more on the weekend and so I wanted those days closer to the middle of the week, as sort of something to look forward to.  So, before June 11th, I’d start eating well and then Tuesday would roll around and I’d think, “I’m gonna eat like crazy today and then start fresh on the program tomorrow.”  Then I’d eat well on Wednesday, maybe part of Thursday, but then it was the weekend and the feedings began.  Besides, there’s always next Wednesday.  Right?

Well, for some reason, on June 11th, that all changed.  I made the decision and stuck to it.  I can’t say what it was, maybe I saw the way I looked in the mirror.  Maybe it was the way my clothes were fitting.  Maybe I wanted one solid thing I could control in my life.  Things have been pretty chaotic (which doesn’t help the eating at all) so may, deep down, I thought that at least this would be one thing I could control.  Whatever the reason, something happened on June 11th to made me really decide to commit to doing this and it has, knock on wood, stuck for the past 4 weeks.

On that day I also made a commitment to really follow the Weight Watchers program too.  Before Toronto, when I lost 10 pounds, I was eating way under the amount of allotted points per day.  So, yes, I did lose 10 pounds in 20 days, but I didn’t really do it the coreect way.  For this go around, I decided to do it right.  Follow the plan and stick to the rules.  I did commit to adding more exercise to my routine, however.  So instead of only doing afternoon runs, I now do 30 minutes of different exercises in the morning.  That has helped a lot.  The first week, I was straining through the 6 push-up and side planks I do as part of the routine.  Now, 4 weeks later, I only struggle through the last one.  And that one is getting easier.

The real reward though was stepping on the scale today and discovering that, even though I was only down 1.2 pounds for the week, I was down 11 punds since June 11th. I started at 193.4 pounds, todays I was 182.4 pounds.  I’m well on my way.  My goal is to lose another 24 to put me at 158 pounds.  158 is actually above where all those charts say a person my age, height, eye color, etc., should be, but that’s a comfortable weight and that’s what I want to get to.

If it takes another 8 weeks, so be it.  I’m fine with that.  This time, I’m doing my damnedest to make it work.

Oh, and last week, on Monday, I went and had barbecue, and I was still down 2 pounds on Wednesday.  That’s how you make it work!

I shall keep you posted!

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