The last update I did regarding my weight loss efforts was back in July. I figured it’d be good to check in and, by doing so, re-motivate myself a little.

When we last spoke I weighed in at 182.4.  Yesterday, my weigh in day, I was 176.4, so I’m definitely headed in the right direction.  Last Wednesday, I was actually 174.0 and there in lies the problem.  There in lies the problem…travel.

When I’m traveling it is far too easy to slip into ‘vacation’ mode and just go wild with my eating.  The thing is, I know when this is happening but instead of picking the healthier option, I go for the junk figuring, “I can start eating right tomorrow.”  I know this doesn’t work, you know it doesn’t work, but still…sigh.  I have refocused on it again, mainly because I was so bothered by slipping back after having my lowest weigh in in some time just last week.  The exercise has resumed (another thing that’s difficult to do while traveling) and the eating right and tracking my food has as well.

I’ve also revised my goal a little bit to see if helps focus me.  My overall goal was 158lbs and that’s not going to change.  Fo now I’ve made myself a smaller goal of 168lbs.  That’s what I’m focused on.  That’s just eight pounds and it’s totally attainable in about 4 weeks.  The goal is to be there by the first week of November.  I can do it.

I did notice something funny about eating ‘crap’ food.  I’ve been eating so well for so many weeks that when I do eat something that is really bad for me, my body sends me a clear message that it doesn’t not approve.  Nothing gross, just stomach aches and headaches.  This past weekend I was in Canada and heard of a food I’ve never heard of before…pizza turnovers.  For the unfamiliar, this is a large pizza, any toppings you choose, that is folded in half and the deep fried.  It sounded amazing.  And it was good.  I could only eat about a half of it and I was full.  My body, pretty much instantly, said, “Nope.  This is not good and now I’m gonna make you pay.”  I just need to realize that BEFORE I start eating.  And truthfully, deep down I did, I just need to act on it.

I have some possible travel in November and if that does happen, I’ll be more focused.

My good friend Mur Lafferty recommended an website/app called HabitRPG.  It’s a way to inspire you to accomplish your goals and try to instill new habits and it’s pretty fun.  Not sure if it’s 100% for me, but the Magic Spreadsheet did wonders for my writing in that it made writing more like a game, I’m hopeful that HabitRPG will do the same.  In there for daily tasks I have 30 mins Running, Morning Workout and Daily Writing.  SO far I’ve been pretty good at keeping up.  I did set up ‘Eat Junk Food’ as something that’ll have a negative effect on my character and I plan to use it.  Check it out if it interests you.

Finally, I wanted to mention a movie I saw recently.  It’s called Fed Up and it’s an interesting look at sugar and what it does to our bodies.  To me, documentaries are always skewed towards the filmmaker’s bias, but it was interesting.  If you’re interested in that sort of thing, it’s worth a look.  It seems that recently Lebron James followed the same type of diet that this movie recommends and lost a ton of weight.  There must be something to it.

Anyway, back to focusing.  We’ll catch up again in November!

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