Agents of the Vault – Part 9

Part 9 of Agents of the Vault.  Jane reaches Leland’s cabin.

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Agents of the Vault
Part 9
By Grant Baciocco

Jane and her three Pinkerton Agents followed the tracks the cart had left the night before.  In the late afternoon, they came across the valley where Leland’s cabin was and not to long after they came across the cabin.  They found two dead and an indian, Iron Dog, clinging to life.  Jane crouched next to him.

“What happened here?”  she said softly, yet firmly, wanting information.

Iron Dog had been lying, bleeding out, for hours.  His eyes tried to focus on Jane.  “Water.”

Jane whipped her head around, “Brenner, water.”

Brenner scrambled for the ladle that hung off the side a rain bucket outside the cabin and brought it sloshing full of water to Jane.  Jane, helped Iron Dog lift his head and held the ladle as he drank.  After he had sipped, and rested his head back, Jane handed the ladle back to Brenner.

“What happened here?” she asked again.  She asked more firmly this time, sensing that every second counted where the dying indian was concerned.

Iron Dog took a deep breath.  “Two men.  Had no weapons.  Brought them into camp.”  He coughed roughly.  His breaths coming in rasps.

“Yes, then?”

Iron Dog took a deep breath, “Leland tried to open the trunk.  Big bright flash.  When we could see again, two men had guns.  Shot us.”

Jane looked up at Brenner.  “It’s true.  The stories about the trunk must be true.  It’s protected magically.  That was the flash.”  She looked back down at Iron Dog.  “Where did they go?”

Iron Dog’s eyes had closed again.

“Where did the two men go?” she repeated and shook Iron Dog roughly, no longer caring if she hastened his departure.

Iron Dog opened his eyes.  “Took trunk.  Gold.  Leland.  On cart.  Left hours ago.”

“Dammit.” Jane said standing, letting the man drop with a thud to the ground.  “Water the horses now.  We need to move fast to catch them.  That trunk can’t get to Yankton.”

Brenner barked orders at the other agents and they hastily prepared to move out.

Iron Dog weakly reached out a hand and touched Jane’s boot.  “Take me to doctor.  Please.” He rasped.

Without looking down, Jane slipped out her gun and shot Iron Dog through the head.  The shot echoing throughout the valley.

©2015 Grant Baciocco/Saturday Morning Media

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