52 Podcast Interviews #03 – Mike Hollingsworth

I’m about a week behind in updating these blog posts about the interviews.  The 4th interview is out now, but here’s the info on the 3rd.

Of all the people I’ve interviewed so far, Mike Hollingsworth is the one I’ve known the longest.  I met Mike the first night I ever did stand up comedy in San Francisco as Throwing Toasters.  I distinctly remember Mike’s jokes from that first night.

As a comedian, it’s often hard to laugh at other comedians.  I find a lot of this is because your comedian mind is breaking down the jokes and thinking, “Crap that was way better than anything ing I could have come up with.” or “Man, I could come up with something way better than that.”  While you’re thinking all this, the time to laugh has past.  Mike’s jokes could (and still do) always make me laugh, no reaction time needed.

Besides being a hilarious comedian, Mike is also an accomplished artist and has gone from having his cartoons in newspapers and magazines to becoming a top shelf animator that is currently the Supervising Director of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman.

I was super grateful that Mike came onto the podcast to chat with me about his carer and his thoughts on creativity.  Of course, he had to, we’ve known each other for close to 20 years.  Enjoy our discussion below and le me know what you think of it.  I’m really enjoying doing these podcast interviews and I’ve got a lot more coming down the road!

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