52 Podcast Interviews #04 – David Marquez

I’m not sure when I first met Dave Marquez, but I’m pretty sure it was through Mike Coughlin (who I hope to have on a future episode of the podcast).  Dave and I have a ton of similar interests: Pro Wrestling, Disney, odd ball music, so we hit it off right away.  He is a former Disneyland Cast member, though we never worked there at the same time and he is currently the director/producer of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

I really admire Dave because he has sort of the same mentality I do of, I want to create this thing, so I’m just going to get it done!  He was the first person I thought of when Russ and I created The Ultimate Nerdament and we needed a director because he gets what good entertainment can be.

This is a fun interview and Dave and I probably could have talked a lot longer on a whole range of subjects, but we stuff to that 15 (or so) minute time limit.  Enjoy this interview and please let me know what you thought of it.

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