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It’s been awhile, but here is another 100 word story based on an item in the police blotter of my hometown of Burlingame, CA.  The original blotter item, plus a link to where I found it follows the story.  If you’d like to see all previous police blotter stories, you can do so here:



By Grant Baciocco

“I’m so sorry officer,” Danielle blushed, “I’m just completely embarrassed.”

Officer Roberts hooked his thumb into his belt, “No need to be embarrassed Mrs. Martinez.  I can see where you’d think that someone tried to pry open your rear screen door here, but I assure you, these marks are just dirt and spider webs.”

“Thank you, officer.” Danielle replied, “Sorry to waste your time.”

“Better safe than sorry.” Officer Roberts replied as they walked around the side of the house.

From the bushes a few feet away, the dirt and spiderweb monster watched them leave. He would wait until tonight.

1700 block of Toledo Avenue, 9:51 a.m. Tuesday A resident thought someone had tried to pry open the rear screen door. An officer responded and determined that the woman had confused dirt and spider webs present for pry marks.

©2016 Grant Baciocco/Saturday Morning Media

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