52 Podcast Interviews #05 – Michael Rayner

This week’s interview is with my good friend Michael Rayner. Michael and I have know each other for, probably, close to 15 years. We met doing comedy here in the Los Angeles area. His act is one of a kind and I believe that’s what makes him so incredibly popular with such a wide range of audiences.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan with Michael in 2003 and we got to know each other better during that trip. One part of Michael’s act includes him balancing a wheelbarrow on his chin. He took the wheelbarrow to Japan.

After our trip. After our 14 hour flight back to the United States. Michael and I stood at the baggage claim, terribly jet lagged, waiting for our baggage. Luggage started coming down the ramp, one by one. And then, a soft banging stared deep in the bowels of the luggage return. It got louder and louder and then, the ‘barrow’ part of the wheelbarrow comes tumbling down the luggage return. People were flabbergasted. How many times have you seen a wheelbarrow come down the luggage return at an airport? Never. Unless you have been on a plane with Michael, of course.

Michael ignored the stares he was receiving from the other passengers and just calmly retrieved his wheelbarrow and then started assembling his wheelbarrow and then put his other bag in the barrow and wheeled it out of the airport.

Give this interview a listen. It’s a lot of fun because Michael is a really funny guy. After you listen, let me know what you think.

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